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6 Components of Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Software

Cryptocurrency is a sector that is developing extremely fast. You are aware that the crypto sector is unregulated. It is the only concern because after investing, you lose money then the law will be unable to help you. It is risky. Nevertheless, you don’t desire to lose trade winning opportunities but investing in it is risky but you can design a cryptocurrency trading platform. 

To build software for cryptocurrency exchangeyou can take help from Merehead Company. The team specializes in implementing blockchain technologies, so has plenty of experience. They offered efficient blockchain solutions to the health, retail, logistics, supply chain, banking, agriculture, real estate, and insurance sectors. 

To start a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange trading software you will need six components. It includes –

User interface

The interface needs to be visually attractive and friendly because there will be a variety of users. The cryptocurrency users are already tech-savvy but many novices have not traded still. Therefore, the structure, navigation, and UX need to be top-notch.

Secure private system

A content Management System is needed for every platform and website. A private Admin system including multiple data and features will allow the user to see the existing scenario within few clicks. The dashboard needs to include main indicators like users, transactions, deposits, etc. There must also be the flexibility of fee adjustment and manual withdrawal.

Trading engine

Users need to create their orders without obstruction and feeling safe. All the data, order lists, transactions, and bookings must be stored and the user can see it on any device in the form of a chart.


You already built a platform and have every essential feature positioned and working correctly. The platform gets tested multiple times and your system goes live. When a real user gets signed up and passes the verification process with ease. 

It is time to deposit in the system, but suddenly his eyes fall on the buying & selling cryptocurrency’s order list. It is empty, which means ‘NO turnover’. This causes the user to doubt seriously whether to make the deposit or not. 

The liquidity of a new system is ‘0’ it is understandable. So, create AI trade bots to simulate liquidity. The new user will view the orders and interact. So, having a liquidity tool makes things easy!

Cryptocurrency wallet

The role of a cryptocurrency wallet is to make your platform user-friendly. The more cryptocurrency types you allow, the more possible transaction get made. Cryptocurrencies are peculiar and everyone is decentralized and independent. Technically, you will need to integrate wallets one by one manually. 


For cryptocurrency exchange software currency there are precautions to be taken against different hacking like –

  • User hacking
  • System vulnerabilities
  • Hacking through accessibility [like moderators, administrators, or staff with access to the private system]

Choose a reliable and quality cryptocurrency software developer. Today, data privacy, security, and protection are a huge problem, especially for popular social channels and financial portals. 

It is sensible to have cryptocurrency exchange software developed. It does not matter what happens to Bitcoin or Etherum. If they grow the market will get stronger and if the trade goes down the trade volume will escalate dramatically. 

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