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Should You Use a Resume Template? 3 Great Reasons to Use One 

In today’s cut-throat competitive job market, how can you stand out from the clutter and make a lasting impression on your recruiters? The answer is – your resume.

A resume is your personal marketing tool that intelligently highlights your key skills, experience, and accomplishments. It is the first impression-maker and therefore, it is crucial to put the best foot forward to create a resume that is comprehensive, crisp, and creative. Ideally, it should emphasize why you are the best fit for the job position. But to do that, you need to spend hours identifying ways to make sure your resume gets read

A better alternative, perhaps, is to use a resume template.  

Check out the benefits of using a template to create compelling and job-winning resumes: 

1. Organize & Tidy Up Your Resume 

One of the biggest mistakes that job seekers do is to clutter the resume with all your details, whether or not it is suitable for the job position. This isn’t just overwhelming for the recruiter, but also makes the resume look unimpressive. A template can be a great way to organize your most important details in the right format and structure, and eliminate those that are not fit for the job description. This renders a more professional look to the resume. 

2. Create a Strong Impression on the Recruiter  

You have less than 8 seconds to impress your employer with a compelling resume. Make the most of this time by creating a resume that sets out your academic qualifications, talent levels, skills, experience, and other information in the most persuasive manner. Creative resume templates are designed in a way to adequately emphasize your talents and skills at the first glance. As such, the odds of cutting through the competition is high. 

3. Save Your Valuable Time  

Planning and writing a resume from scratch can be intimidating and time-consuming. This is especially true for young students who are taking the leap from their colleges & universities towards their journey of pursuing a lucrative career. Whether you have an education background in engineering, science, arts or humanities, social sciences, architecture or management, writing an effective resume is a key skill everyone should master. 

Using pre-designed and expert-approved resume templates can help save much of your time, while creating resumes that help build a good first impression. 

4. It is Simple and Hassle-free to Use   

And if you thought you need hi-tech knowledge to create a resume using automated templates, then think again. Most online resume builders have easy-to-use templates that can be filled out with no trouble and gives a professional look to the resume. There is a wide variety of template designs to choose from, helping you pick one that best suits the job description and your skills. Most importantly, you can seamlessly customize the templates and modify them to meet your individual needs. 


Most job seekers feel apprehensive about how to start creating a job-winning resume from scratch. If you are clueless and want to save time, using an HR-approved resume template can be your best bet. 

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