Deck Building tips for a deck builder

Nowadays, there are many different new decking products on the market and methods to build a professional deck keep improving and evolving over time. Each technique aims to help you build the perfect deck by yourself. Here we have shared some tips and ideas to construct the deck you always dream of by Deck builder Melbourne.  

Choose decking materials:

Besides choosing the colour to match the outlook, deciding on the type of materials is so important that will ultimately decide how long the deck can last. Nowadays, people prefer composite deck material over timber deck because it can withstand the harsh climate and at the same time free for insects and mold. Another advantage is that a composite deck is easy to maintain and clean. They do not give you extra attention, a regular monthly clean will keep its shine.

Keep appropriate between deck boards:

One common reason why dirt builds up between boards is that the gap is too small. When you are constructing a deck with too small a gap, water cannot flow through it and eventually clogs up with debris. It is important to leave enough gap, generally, the thickness of the head deck screw is about to do it. With that size, it can let dirt fall through and you can sweep any excess of water. When building a timber deck, If the wood you are working with is quite wet it may stay the same size or shrink a bit, but if the wood is dry it may expand when exposed to regular rainfalls.

Set a slope to your deck to drain water:

It is essential that when building the deck base, you should set a 2% slope away from nearby buildings. Therefore, when you start to deck, it will follow the same angle to allow water to drain in the right direction.

Sinking the screws too far is a common mistake:

When you screw too deep, you are creating a reservoir for water to sit. So, avoid sinking the screw-down too far and make an appreciative judgment on how deep it should go. You might not get it right for the first time. But the more you do, the quicker it gets better.

Although constructing a beautiful deck on your premises will sometimes be expensive and time-consuming. But it has proven that the resale value of your house also will increase when you decide to sell.

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