How Lipo Laser Works on Fat Cells and Tightens Your Skin?

A committed strict diet and exercise program for the long term has not affected the belly bulge, which makes you frustrated. You don’t have money for cosmetic surgical procedures. Fortunately, laser lipo is a good alternative to sculpt your body without the need for a scalpel, incision, stitches, sutures, or scars. 

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What is laser lipo?

Heat from a laser light is used to liquefy the fat cells. As soon as, the fat cells in the targeted area get sufficiently heated and die but as the heat is consistently applied the tissue that holds the fats cells break apart and transform into liquid. The liquified fat cells move through your lymphatic system and end up in the gut processed by deoxycholic acid from where they get eliminated from the body like dietary fat. 

How laser lipo gets performed?

Local anesthesia is given to numb the targeted areas from where the accumulated unwanted fat needs to be removed. A flexible 1 mm optical fiber is inserted into a small incision. As it reaches the intradermal level, the laser light targets the fat and liquefies it, which flows away through the lymphatic system. The skin in that area gets contracted, which enables the formation of new body contours. 

Lipo laser benefits

  • Safely and efficiently reduce fat pockets around arms, thighs, chin, love handles, and belly areas. 
  • Helps to reduce the unsightly buildup of cellulite. It can be due to gender or genetics. Stubborn cellulite doesn’t respond to special wraps and creams but laser lipo can help.
  • Laser heat helps to enhance skin texture making it smoother and tighter in appearance.
  • Collagen is an essential protein for tight and healthy skin. As your weight fluctuates or you grow old, collagen production starts to decline. Laser therapy enhances the production of collagen in the specific areas that receive treatment. 
  • Laser lipo is a minimally invasive procedure to melt stubborn fat cells. You will hardly feel any pain. 
  • The downtime is very less. You can resume routine work in a short time. 
  • Skin tightening due to stimulation of collagen production looks healthier and boosts their confidence.
  • Doctors gain the ability to give optimal curves using laser treatment.

Eligibility for laser lipo treatment

  • A healthy person with perfect skin elasticity.
  • The person is more worried about problem areas rather than overall body weight loss.
  • You are closer to your ideal weight.

Remember, laser lipo is not a weight loss tool and needs to get finished the moment you achieve an ideal weight. 

When can you see the results?

In traditional liposuction, a lot of swelling was experienced post-op and took 6 months to go down and see the results. With laser lipo, you can see final results within 4 to 6 weeks. An instant skin tightening and circumference reduction of target areas will be noticed after the session but to eliminate the liquefied fat cells it can take some weeks. 

The treatment results last lifelong, but make sure to monitor your calorie and fat intake for healthy body shape management. 

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